Below are testimonials from both healthcare professionals and patients who have used Chromogenex i-Lipo equipment, which we use here at Harley Street Hethe. 


Below are testimonials from both healthcare professionals and patients who have used Chromogenex i-Lipo equipment, which we use here at Harley Street Hethe. 

Whilst searching the internet on methods of how to remove stubborn fat, that has been challenging me for a number of years, around my thigh area, I came across the harleystreethethe.com website. Which on viewing, caught my eye, due to being very informative and answering all my concerns / queries about the ilipo treatment procedure before any commitment. After reading all the information provided and identifying that the location of the boutique clinic was close to my home i decided to book a consultation. My consultation took place on 13th Jan 2014, where i met Amy who made me feel very welcome within a relaxed and friendly environment . As my consultation was a success i decided to book a course of ilipo treatments, with the offer of my first treatment starting the same day. The treatment was relaxing and pain free, and afterwards to my surprise I felt my energy levels increase. The results were instant, i lost 2.1 inches in my first session. Although i exercise daily, with Amy's expert advise on diet and exercise that suited my requirement I began to have more confidence in pushing myself further, increasing my exercise time. With the combination of the ilipo treatment twice a week and exercise, I completed the course and I am so pleased with the results. My clothing is no longer tight around the thighs area, and i lost an incredible 9.1 inches in total........my only regret was i didn't take before and after photos to share my results........... I would certainly recommend this treatment.
Mel  - Fringford, Bicester

“My average patient loses about 6 inches in 8 treatments. The least was 1 inch and the most was 12 inches. We take three measurements on the abdomen, and combine the results. We had one patient that came to us for a consultation and decided to take the 6 Zerona treatments first and then the 8 i-Lipo treatments. When she came back, we could not see any so we gave her a 1st treatment and she lost over two inches from her tummy. We are very happy with the i-Lipo, and will try to purchase another very soon.”  

 - Dr. Burch, Florida 

“We are very impressed with iLipo, ultrasound scans at our clinc show a 30% reduction in fat after just one treatment” 

- Mr Chris Griffin, Consultant GynecologistMidland Ultrasound and Medical Services 

“I have been in practice for 15 years and have owned 10 offices in 6 states, employing laser therapy in almost all of them. When the “laser fat reduction wave” began I was hesitant to purchase other units based on the fact that I understand the parameters that enable lasers to obtain biochemical effects. The other products were just not comparable, and did not work as well. I gained competitive advantage by getting better results with superior equipment. The i-lipo is that equipment.”

- Dr Anthony J DiCesaro III 

“i-Lipo is a revolutionary new way to target fat loss in specific areas and coupled with a healthy lifestyle, has provided us with great results in many clients!”

 - Dr Lance Riggien

“i-Lipo is a technology that really works as a targeted fat reduction system. Each of my patients loose between 2cm – 4cm per session. It is a great asset in each business to motivate patients to reach their ideal body with optimum health and wellness. Having visible results in the first session is a fantastic way to motivate patients to stay fit and maintain a healthy eating plan not only during the 8 treatment sessions, but long after the completion of the treatment course.”

 - Dr. M.E.Voshol-Botha, South Africa

“I was amazed that after one session I had lost 13cms, sounds an awful lot but in context, consistent over a period of time (4 weeks). I dropped a dress size! Absolutely fabulous!!!”

 - M Choy, London

“I have always had a problem with fat thighs!  I am of medium build and no matter how much exercise I do I could not reduce the size of my thighs. I had heard about iLipo but was very sceptical about it working!  I had a consultation and decided to start the programme.   I got amazing results straight away and after 3 weeks I lost 7lbs in weight, 18cm across my thighs and toned my overall body.  I feel great and would recommend this programme without hesitation.”

 - K Brookes, Hertfordshire

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